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Offering professional and top-notch along with guidance to corporate and leisure customers supported by friendly custom service that exceeds expectations is our vision at Flykaro.com. We strive to go beyond our client’s expectations. Our first and foremost objective is to become a leading travel agency in the travel domain offering proficient and efficient services to our customers. We see our travel agency at top position in the near future with a league of travelers from near and far.


We love to carry out revolutionary spirit and driven by our thirst for knowledge and courage to discover new destinations. We live to our reputation and endeavor to exceed expectations as a leading tourism trendsetter. Our crew of travel professionals is known for its in-depth understanding of various domestic and international destinations. It enables us to design custom tours for clients be it a group, family or corporate group. Our corporate ethnicity and administration’s approach embrace us to offer tours designed to stimulate the expectations of our clients. Our experts actively implement top-notch technologies, nurturing new ideas and pursuing new networks – all with the intention of offering great services to the clients.


We are devoted to provide exceptional customer service experience to all customers. We don’t offer a ready-made package to every customer, we offer bespoke services. Our experts listen to our clients and look forward to their needs and react to their requirements with care in an appropriate manner.


Flykaro.com pledges to abide by its ethical code of decent practices. We are accountable to offer the utmost standards of service, dependability and frank communication. Our professionals ensure that every client gets the same standards of uprightness and values.


Our Values

We look ahead of horizon to predict change. We’re passionate about shaping the next generation of business travel. We are ingenious and we love to introduce better services for our clients. With a passionate group of employees, great products and exceptional challenges, we are able to go beyond the expectations of our clients.